Middle School Clubs and Challenges

OCTOBER 07, 2022

The start of every Middle School school year promises new academic and extracurricular adventures for students. In addition, there is the exciting decision of which club or Challenge they will participate in to explore additional interests and meet students across the division. This year there are two distinct club days and two distinct Challenge days.

Clubs can be faculty sponsored or student sponsored (with a faculty advisor). Students in Classes V–VIII are encouraged to submit new ideas for clubs and if approved, advertise their club during one of the first assemblies of the year. The sheer variety of clubs that are available for students to select is always staggering and this year was no exception. This year’s offerings include Cultural Arts Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Marvel Club, Meditating Potatoes, Mythology and Philosophy Club, Acting Club, Magic Club, Debate Club, and more.

Challenges, now in their second year, are an opportunity for students to push their mind a little bit further than they normally would in a club. With an academic base, Challenges are a place to trade ideas, push beyond the boundaries of imagination, and think critically, while growing holistically. All challenges are faculty-led and open to students in Classes VII and VIII. This year’s challenge offerings include: French and Spanish reading groups, American Elections Challenge, English Seminar, Math Challenge, Debate Team, HumanKIND, and more. Every student in Classes VII and VIII must participate in at least one Challenge.

The Middle School is looking forward to a great year with so many fun and engaging opportunities ahead!