Kindergarten First Day

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

The sun was shining on 92nd Street as the sidewalk slowly but surely filled up with parents and students on Friday, September 9. But these were not just any Nightingale students. These were our newest Nighthawks—the Class of 2035—who had arrived for their first day of Kindergarten.

Meanwhile, the Class of 2023 had gathered in the lobby and excitedly lined up just inside the blue doors. The day had arrived—a much beloved Nightingale tradition—for Class XII to greet new Kindergarteners and walk them up to the fourth floor, hand in hand. “Even though it was quite early in the morning, I felt an undeniable energy in the air as our grade stood in the lobby eagerly awaiting and excited for the Kindergarteners' arrival and for our chance to welcome them into our beloved community,” Carolina A. ’23 said.

Finally, the blue doors flung open and one by one, Kindergarten students stepped up to greet Mr. Burke, meet their senior, and head into the Schoolhouse for a brand new adventure.

For Lucille L. ’23, participating in this tradition allowed her to reflect on her Nightingale experience as a whole, from her first steps through the blue doors to welcoming the Class of 2035 this year. “Walking Olivia up to her Kindergarten classroom reminded me how lucky I am to attend a K-12 school. I remember my excitement when I was greeted by a senior on my first day of Kindergarten in 2010. In my 12 years at Nightingale since that first day, I have learned so much from my teachers, formed lasting friendships with my classmates, and gained more appreciation for the Nightingale community each year. I’m so excited for Olivia and her new friends in the Class of 2035 to experience all of the truly wonderful things Nightingale has offered me throughout the years.”